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Mission Statement

The Austin Goldstars Soccer Club is a predominantly LGBTQ+ non-profit organization that provides people an opportunity to play and learn soccer in a positive and friendly environment. No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of age, race, color, religion, national origin, handicapping condition, gender identity, or sexual orientation.


The Austin Goldstars Soccer Club currently competes in the Austin Men’s Soccer Association (AMSA) and SoccerZone Indoor league. All players must be at least 18 years of age (there are no gender restrictions, everyone is welcome!). AMSA is a highly competitive league and we expect all players to be able to participate in a full, 90-minute physical match.

  • Gold Team: The Gold team is a competitive co-ed team that plays in the Austin Men’s Soccer Association Division 5. This team is focused on winning, so playing time may be limited based on skill and level of commitment.
    • Captain: Jon Gray
  • White Team: The Indoor team is a co-ed team that plays in the Lakeline SoccerZone Men’s 3 division.


The Austin Men’s Soccer Association (AMSA) is the primary amateur men’s soccer league in Austin, and one of the largest leagues in Texas with over 3,200 players and more than 130 teams. The majority of AMSA’s games are played on Sundays at the Onion Creek Soccer Complex; however, additional games are played at fields in the Greater Austin area. AMSA requires all players to register and pay a $40 annual fee before they are eligible to play in any games. This is paid directly to AMSA via the ATEAMO website.


SoccerZone is the premier indoor soccer facility in the southern United States. In addition to Club fees of $65 per season, SoccerZone requires all players to register and pay a $15 annual fee. This is paid directly to SoccerZone.


Most practices are held on Wednesdays throughout the season. These practices are optional but highly encouraged. We meet at the Austin State Supported Living Center Sports Field at 6:30pm  (see website for field maps).

During COVID, we are holding limited practices, please refer to Team Cowboy for additional information.


AMSA games are held on Sundays between 8am and 4pm. Most games are located at Onion Creek Soccer Complex (South Austin), but some may be held at Northeast Metropolitan Park (Pflugerville) and East Metropolitan Park (Manor). 

Rain out info is posted on AMSA’s website. If a game is known to be cancelled, the Board or captains will usually send out a communication to the club. Please note: different fields have different rain out policies.

Indoor Games are held at SoccerZone Lakeline (920 Old Mill Rd, Cedar Park, Texas 78613) on Wednesdays.


For games and scrimmages, the club will provide jerseys, but all players need to provide their own black shorts, cleats, shin guards and socks. The team captains are responsible for providing the uniforms for each game. Shin guards are required to play!

For practices we do not have a dress code, but ask that you come prepared for light scrimmage and relative weather conditions. 

Laws of the Game

The Goldstars play in leagues that adhere to the laws of the game as defined by the US Soccer Federation, FIFA and the International Football Association Board (IFAB). Details on rules and the full texts can be found here:

Additional rules specific to the Austin Men’s Soccer Association can be found here:

Joining the Goldstars

To play in league games, please contact the Goldstars Secretary to get signed up on Team Cowboy and ATEAMO:
  • Email [email protected] with:  Full Name, Email Address and Phone Number
  • You will receive 2 emails asking you to join/register for InstaTeam and ATEAMO (see below).
    • Register for InstaTeam.
    • InstaTeam is an app that Goldstars Captains and Board members use to contact players during the season. It is also where players RSVP for games. It is very important to keep your contact information current on InstaTeam.
  • Register for ATEAMO and Pay Annual AMSA Fee:
    • ATEAMO: ATEAMO is a Website that AMSA uses for player registrations, rosters, and fee collection. You MUST pay the annual AMSA fee and be on the AMSA roster before you can play in any AMSA games. You will receive a link to ATEAMO from the Secretary or Treasurer. Please user the following link for the Spring 2021 season:
  • Pay Season Player Fees: Player fees cover team registration for AMSA, referee fees, club equipment, social events, and other miscellaneous club expenses. Seasons fees are paid for each team you play on. There are two ways to pay:
      • Goldstars Club Fee: $65.00 (If you pay before the first game of the season)
      • Summer Season Fee: $45.00
      • New players have until the third game to pay season dues. Returning players must pay before the first game in order to play.

The Austin Goldstars Soccer Club wants to make soccer available to everyone. If you would like to play but have a financial hardship, please contact the Treasurer and we will work it out with you. We are happy to keep that information confidential.

RSVP for practices and games on Team Cowboy and have a great season!

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